Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Lee Van Cleef Painting Progress!

so, went the traditional route on this one . just experimenting really, here are the steps so far, having started over after the third. i've also included a digital one i'm doing so i can get the colors right on the painting.


nick jarvis said...

http://abduzeedo.com/20-awesome-portrait-caricatures Hey man, saw this and thought you might enjoy what it has to offer you, congrats.

William Appledorn said...

haha, looks like they skimmed over the top caricatures at deviant art.

sad thing is, this guy wouldn't know a good caricature if it slapped him in the face.

thanks for the link, very funny.

Dominic Philibert said...

Good work man!
Very nice step by step!
Looking forward to see the finish piece.

Will Appledorn said...

thanks dominic- should have it done soon, it's been on my art desk breathing down my neck for a week now. just not motivated.

nick jarvis said...

I have to agree with you, he didn't have in my opinion the "greats" however, I do think your self portrait is the best one you've done. I really like it. But yeah, I just thought that was pretty neat.

DCG said...

Nice work, Will! I'm of 2 minds re: the use of same/similar hue for Lee's coat AND background -- while it fits his typical onscreen garb (and Western cliché) of muted tones and thus blends into the background, well...it blends into the background! ;) Maybe it's just the Shock of the New, at this point. I guess my own inclination might have been to use a Black coat... In any case, again: Good Work, amigo!
Best, DCG
(via TheBad.net web board)

Will Appledorn said...

thanks for the comment, DCG, and the critique.

you're quite right about the colors. i'm thinking i'll make the bg more abstract and out of focus and the jacket darker so it may not be such a problem whenever i decide to finish this.

Sebgecko said...

Great Posture, that was a good one for a proper caricature, well done! :)