Thursday, June 21, 2012

What I've been up to

A movie poster that I've been working on for the last couple of weeks. Done in a similar style to the American Graffiti poster, for a High School football movie set in the 80's.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Episode 10 Review, Season 2 wrap-up.

So it's been about a week since the finale of Season 2 of Game of Thrones, and it's about time i did my last review. Of course, because it was the last episode of the season, there was a sort of  satisfying finality to the events of the episode.

As i said, we got the conclusion of all the story lines that have been lingering since the beginning of the season. Right off the bat, we learn what happened at the end of the battle from episode 9 and the aftermath. Once again, the Tyrion (you can breath again, he's not dead) bits were great. His reuniting with Shae was the only emotional scene thus far in the show that really got to me. ( with the exception of theon, and we'll get to that) Knowing what's coming in the story sort of takes my emotional attachment to the events out of the equation, because all the surprises and twists are known to me. However, there are these character moments, often added to the show, that really have some emotional power. On the other side of that emotional coin, i was, like most of us,  super creeped out by little finger's moment with sansa. Somehow, in the books he never came across as so obvious about it, at least not in front of her.

I quite liked the added scene this week with Brienne and Jamie. Those were some very clever Stark foot soldiers. I can't wait for their scenes next season! Also, we got a quick farewell scene from Jaqen H'gar. The used a pretty tired film trope in the scene, but it was nice nonetheless.

Back up in winterfell, we were left with rather ambiguous ending for Theon and his merry men. Once again, Alfie Allen really stole the show. To me, Theon's story was the most well done of the entire season. A character, in the books, that i always thought was a real shit became a really engaging and morally ambiguous, sympathetic character. This is really owed to the fact that they dumped most of his misdeed on Dagmar's shoulders. This is one instance where i think the show far exceeds the book. but anyway, because they didn't cast the bastard of bolton this year, we're not really sure at the end of the show who torched Winterfell and what the fate of the iron islanders is.

On the other side of the spectrum is the changes that were made to Robb's story. His decision making in the last couple of episodes really is up there in stupidity with his Father's. See, in the book, Robb was mortally injured in battle, mourning his brothers, and far from his mother's council. Along comes a girl, she saves his life. they bang. So as not to disgrace her, he marries her. Foolish, but forgivable and still mostly honorable. On the show, he's doing just fine, has heard nothing of his brothers, and has his mother's council, but decides he's too cool to honor his promises, and bangs a chick from Volantis. He marries her because he 'Loves' her. Totally unforgivably stupid, not to mention illogical considering Westerosi culture. I hate when they force our modern values on one character in a world that obviously works differently, he cant just marry who he wants to, and he knows that. but he does it anyway. Sorry TV Robb, you're gonna reap what you sow.

We FINALLY get the conclusion to Dany's story as well. The Visions in the house of the undying, while different from the book, worked really well i think. however, the warlocks plan was just silly. we're gonna chain up three dragons and their mother, how could they possibly escape? wait, they breath fire...? Just stupid! In Contrast i really liked the way she dealt with Xaro xohan Daxos. She looked like a total bond villian with her Dragons in her arms. Hopefully, her story next year will be a little more engaging ( it should be)

Last but not least, we venture north of the wall. Jon finally infiltrates the Wildlings, as they hinted was Halfhand's plan for like three episodes. But of course, the final scene! We get a good long look at the 'others' or 'white walkers'. Creepy! totally not what i imagined, but cool none the less. way better than what i feared after the first episode. What a cliffhanger tho, a battle royale between the night's watch and an army of  the undead. Will make for quite a first episode next year!

Overall, this was another great season of Game of Thrones. It dragged a little, trying to keep the conclusions till the last episode, but certain threads( Theon, Stannis) kept it moving at a reasonable speed.

So episode 10 gets a 7 out of 7. Season 2 gets a 5.5 out of 7