Tuesday, November 6, 2007

come one, come all

yeah, since i put a counter on my blog I've had over 40 people visit, alright.
probably just trying to get to the next blog, ha, oh well. thank you to everyone who has looked and commented on my posts. If you see something you like , or don't, please be sure to leave a comment. thanks everyone


zieglarf said...

I don't find counters like that to useful. These kind usually count every time the page is opened. If you open your own page (1) and hit refresh for some reason (1) it counts that as two hits.

If you go to [url=http://www.sitemeter.com]SiteMeter[/url] and get their free counter - you can tell it to not count you. So it will only counter visitors. It can also show alot of other interesting stuff, like where did they come from (referrals) or go to (out clicks).

In general I find it to be a much better counter.

William Appledorn said...

well this certainly seems a more exstensive counter, might jsut use that, the one i got does count jsut unique visits though,at least it should. thanks for the tip