Monday, April 21, 2008

More Star bores

yep, totally stole that title from MAD. here's two more star wars caricatures for everybody. I'm thinking that if i do enough, i'll put them all together like a movie poster, who knows.

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She-Thing said...

Yep, do that movie poster. These look good. Sp. that Leia. Although... something's funny about her eyes position. I know her left "hair roll" is covering the face, but I think you got her eyes a bit... un-centered, if you know what I mean.

Side note about your hands: in some characters you got some a bit with undefined articulations, not very clear in what they're doing. Ironically, in this Star Bores series they came out perfect. It's characters like Abe or the Nascar guy which need a bit more working... just my two pesos.

Great likenesses, by the way.