Thursday, May 8, 2008


one more, time to go study.


Juan H said...

hahaha... just great!

so hilarious :)

Love your works around here. You're improving your skills so fast... i'm amazed (and a bit jealous...). I really am. And not just that. You have also an original and great style...

Forgive my poor english

See u on drawingboard ;)

William Appledorn said...

thanks a bunch Juan.

i'm flattered, i'm just as awed and jealous of your fantastic unique stlye.

thanks again.

John Hazard said...

I wish I could say that likeness is really ugly and off, but Mark Hamill was looking pretty funny after the car accident he had right before filming Empire. I think they dreamed up the whole Yeti scratching his face up to explain his new look.

Very well done, love the subtle background.