Monday, July 21, 2008

they're back.

after a pretty long break, i'm ready to start the caricatures of the Star Wars characters in the new trilogy. to start if off, here's one that was requested a couple of times in my thread, Qui gon jinn. I want to focus more on my technique than anything with this and ones to come, i feel i let both my rendering and my caricature sense slip a little in the past couple of months. This piece also marks a return to solely Photoshop produced paintings, i've been having fun with sketchbook pro, but the results for me are something completely different, and like i said, i want to work on my rendering. c+c appreciated as always.


Moyse said...

Love the exaggeration!!

William Appledorn said...

Thanks Paul, means a lot coming from a caricaturist of you skill.

btw- i saw the one of Neeson you did on your blog, awesome!!