Thursday, December 25, 2008

Blog, what blog?!

Alright, maybe i haven't posted in a couple of weeks but at least i have an excuse, it's Christmas break!
i haven't been doing much drawing over the past couple of weeks seeing as though I'm spending all my time with my family. So i finally got around to whipping out a new caricature tonight as a Christmas present to all those who visit my blog out there and are kind enough to comment.
After seeing the classic western "The good, bad and the ugly" for the first time a couple of weeks ago, the same weekend i rented 2001, yeah i was bored, i decided to do a caricature of Mr. Eastwood, who portrays the man with no name in this and the two other movies in the "Dollars trilogy' of spaghetti westerns.

Eastwood's been caricatured just as much as anyone, so i know I'm not really breaking new ground with this image. it was more of a practice in lighting and combining linework and values in a cohesive, interesting piece. i think it works well, and I'm happy with the simplicity i achieved in both the lines and values. it's not quite where i want it though, he doesn't look as though he takes up any space and is still confined to the paper. anyways, here it is,hope you like it.

Happy Holidays.


Anonymous said...

I have seen your work on the Drawing (a place where I can not get my membership application activated... something i would like to do).
I am impressed with the simplicity of line you employ. I also enjoy your search for this line to produce caricatures. You succeed more often than not in capturing likeness. You have also chosen a style that is the most difficult artistic endeavour.

William Appledorn said...

i'm flattered, thanks for taking the time to comment.

chris chUa! said...

I dig it! you've got some mad skills, I'm liking all the stuff you're doing and your experimentation. keep on rocking!

William Appledorn said...

thanks for taking a look chris, i'm always impressed by your caricatures.

Sean (53AN) Gardner said...