Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Here's a lil' digital sketch i did the other day, nuthin special, finished up with some photoshop values of course.

It's Bear Grylls, host of Discovery's 'Man vs' Wild'. i'm a big fan of the show. Who doesn't like seeing someone beat apples out of bear crap. whenever i talk about this shoe it seems to bring up a lot of controversy, and conflicting views, especially concerning it's competition with 'Survivorman'.

I know my sociology professor prefers 'Survivorman'. As we're talking about hunting and gathering societies she goes on and on about how much better Stroud is than "Bear Gillis", making sure not to remember his name. I'm always tempted to pipe up and correct her.

Then there's the whole thing whether he's legitamately "surviving" like ol' Les Stroud, for me, who cares, it's tv, let him sleep in a hotel at night. They're both fun shows with cool little tips sprinkled about. for me, i get more bang for my buck with Man vs. wild. i want entertainment and Bear certainly delivers when he shows how to make a cozy abode out of a dead camel. i always look forward to new episodes.

(here's that clip i mentioned.)

thanks for taking a look



Of all the Video Clips....you picked a winner.

I dunno, I am on the fence over Les vs. Bear....perhaps you should draw them facing off..

I think the both offer practical advice, and are indeed entertaining.



......to quote Han Solo...

Ooh... I thought they smelled bad on the outside!


William Appledorn said...

haha, apparently climbing into an animal is a good choice in all climates; the Sahara and Hoth.