Monday, May 25, 2009

Indy 500 weekend!

I know I haven't posted any art in a few days, it's because this holiday weekend my dad and i went down to Indianapolis to see the Indy 500. this was the second year in a row i've gotten to go, and it was a great time!

It all started off with a Police escort to the track!

when we got there, we got "cold" pit passes, so we took a walk through the garages and pits, and saw a few of the cars,the yard of bricks and the trophy.

after that we went up to the suite to take a load off.

We were right next to Penske racing, the team of the Pole sitter Helio Castroneves

here's the view out on to the track, we were right over the pit exit.

we actually had a couple drivers visit to talk and sign autographs, Alex Lloyd and John's pretty funny to see how little these guys are in person.

and then of course the race got underway, of course our crappy digital camera isn't quite fast enough to catch the cars on track well, but we also shot some video.

all in all it was a really fun weekend, and i hope to get back to drawing some stuff soon.


ramanjit said...

hey will
do you change your pants in front of all these people. hahaha....
dont mind ...just kidding these pic are great thanks for shearing some thing new.

Will Appledorn said...

haha, yeah right out in the pits there.

no problem, i enjoy sharing this stuff.