Tuesday, July 14, 2009


quick caricature of 'Lady Gaga' done for this month's contest over at e-caricatures.

I just don't get why this chick is popular, she's a kook. I think they said it best over at wwtdd.com

" When Charlize Theron guest-starred on 'Arrested Development' for 5 episodes, her character had this real quirky fashion style that everyone overlooked because she was all free-spirited. But then it turns out she wasn’t quirky and free-spirited, just mildly retarded.

What do we really know about Lady GaGa? She’s not retarded is she? That would explain a lot. Is there some test we can give her? Maybe follow her into an elevator with two puppets, a cow and a duck. Then when you’re alone, put them on and sing, t'he duck says mooo and the cow says quack.' And then just wait. "

I say she's just retarded.


adriana juárez said...

ha,ha!! amazing caricature!!!!!

Will Appledorn said...

thanks for taking a Adriana, glad you like it.

l e d o said...

brilliant. love this.