Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Stilt

A work in progress. I'll post the final when it's done.


galvinator said...

***t!!!! That's fantastic. It'd fit in great with Bobby Chiu's sports pieces. Superb work man, great idea and execution.

Haven't been around the DBoard in a good while, the caricature threads get me way too involved and I take a bit too much time away from my storyboardin day-job. I check all the blogs through my googlereader, just not very dilligent when it comes to leavin' comments. Big fan of your art man, the blog here just gets better and better. Keep it goin, big fan of your work.

Your Robert Mitchum caricature is one of the best I've seen done of him.

Moyse said...

Fun piece Will, looking forward to the finish!

Tooninator said...

I'm really diggin' these basketball pieces. The grandeur is killer. You rock.

Patrick Strogulski said...

Ha,Ha,Ha, great one !!!

Carl Knox said...

hey dude! Had a look though your blogs! some great work here! You'll be picked up for sure as an illustrator at the rate you are going!

You've got a great knack for caricaturing the bodies, as well as the faces! We want more finished pieces! :P

cabap said...

Really weird and cool,
great piece,

Will Appledorn said...

wow, i better get crakin' on this one, seems it struck a chord.

thanks so much for the kind words everyone, it is what keeps me drawing.

Galvinator- uh oh, i've never drawn Mitchum before. seems i've done it without even trying. :)

Matt- They're inherently good for caricature i guess. this one and LeBron were fun to do.

Carl Knox- thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. very nice of you. i will oblige, more finished pieces coming up.