Friday, September 11, 2009

Eva Green Sketch

Getting back into caricatures after that little detour into character design.

Here's an over the top goofy sketch i did for fun today. It's weird, i've been struggling with her mug for a while now, and i just sat down today and whipped this up in no time at all. though it's far from perfect, it's endlessly more successful than any previous attempt.

Edit: added a new sketch
Edit: and another one


Dave said...

These Eva's are really great mate, good job. I definitely think the third one captures the best likeness. At least for me anyway.

The new site design looks nice too, the background's perfect!

Dave said...

ack, by third I meant the top one LOL, which was the third one you posted at the drawingboard.

Will Appledorn said...

ha, thanks dave, i knew what you meant.

glad you like it, i'll have the final up soon i think.