Friday, October 2, 2009


So, a new season of "Californication" just started, we happen to have a free year of showtime at my house, and i have nothing else to watch, except for their other series "Dexter" that is. Just started watching the previous season on demand today. really digging it, thought i'd sketch up the show's star, seeing as he's got a pretty good face for caricature. Trying to sketch something, anything everyday, so here's one of those that's good enough to show.


Damion009 said...

awesome, I would like to see the others....

cabap said...

WWWooowwwww Will,
you work very hard and your exagerations are awesome,
great..... really great !!!!!!
jan :)

Will Appledorn said...

Ha, thanks guys!

Damion, you might see a few on here occasionally.

Jan, as i've said before, the (sometimes over the top) enthusiasm keeps me goin!


em... said...

That's terrific, Will.

I surprised I don't see a lot more caricatures of Duchovny.