Thursday, November 19, 2009

Haven't been doing a whole lot of art

So, i've been lazy lately, not drawing anything new. just a few sketches here and there. Here's one of the better ones, Jules and Vincent from 'pulp fiction'

Oh, and I was recently informed that my work, specifically my Rambo caricature, will be Featured in the 2010 calendar. One popular caricature from the site will be featured each month. The calendar will be sold exclusively online through Wittygraphy. All the proceeds will be going to The Dominican Sisters Orphanage in Can Tho, Vietnam.

Here's my spot from the calendar, and there are 11 other great caricatures from artists all over the world. Don't forget to pick one up once they go on sale.


mrjusta said...

Superb Rambo - great idea for a calendar defo be trying to purchase one - now you have had a rest Will get back to the drawing board lol

Dominic Philibert said...

Awesome man!!!!

em... said...

Congrats on getting in the calendar, Will.

I hope your intending working up that Jules and Vincent sketch into something more finished.

ian said...

Congratulations Will!

Will Appledorn said...

mrjusta- ha, just the kick in the butt i needed. thanks man

em- Thanks. Already mentioned it on the drawingboard, but this one's definitely getting finished.

dominic, ian- Thanks Guys!

Bharat K.V. said...

Congrats Bro on featuring in the Calendar...!!