Sunday, June 6, 2010

Getting the hang of it...again

So, it's been approximately 6 years since i touched a watercolor set, as i had sworn it off as a lost cause. i have always been atrocious in my handling of this particular medium. Since i started my Painting class last week i really need to get into the groove of analog painting, and something in my head made me want to give watercolors a shot once more. The Way you have to think painting in watercolor is a real challenge, so it's a great learning tool for me. Anyway, here are a few brand new caricatures i've done up in the last day or so just to get familiar with watercolors again. There most certainly will be more to come.


Espen said...

Wow, nice work Will! I have never mastered color painting (nor acrylic painting), but this is beautiful to watch! Very well done, you sure have got the hang of it ;)

Will Appledorn said...

Thanks Espen!

it's nice to hear such praises, though I'm really quite awful at it still. time to go study one of my favorites, Hermann Mejia.

Tooninator said...

sweet, man. Glad you picked 'em up again. Now get loose with it.

chumpmonkey said...

i never could get the hang of watercolours. i'm too impatient.

i really like the michael cera and the mark wahlberg. both dead-on. i'm not familiar enough with the tennis chick to say. on larry, i think your intial sketch looked more like him than the painting.

Will Appledorn said...

Matt- yeah, i think that's the key, not to overwork them.

don-i hear ya, i'm as impatient as you can get. done right, watercolors can be a quick spontaneous thing. depends on how you approach it.

and thanks for the crit, i see what you're sayin on larry king, i decided not to transfer the sketch directly, and lost it a little. and at least you could tell it was a tennis chick, lol.