Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Logo design

based on the same concept as my new blog banner. done for my illustrator class


Cold Dose of Reality said...

Actually I think that it sucks.. its not really clear, maybe bc of all the white.. but yea, to clarify, it sucks. EPIC FAIL

Will Appledorn said...

haha, thanks for the comment Mr. Reality.

em... said...

Mr Reality's a real charmer.

The top half of the logo, I like.

The bottom half, I'm not so keen on. Expanding fonts that aren't already extended always looks a bit 1980s to me (squishing them too), as it was done to death then.

Will Appledorn said...

Thanks Em,

i got the feeling the font on the bottom had sort of a nondescript retro feel to it. now that you mention it, it kinda bugs me. i don't have my heart set on any of it, so I'll see what else i can come up with.