Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Sherlock sketch

So i watched the new imported Sherlock show when it aired here a few weeks back, and thought it was great. i intended to do a caricature, but never really got around to it. i had some time tonight so i sketched something up. i may have discovered why my colleagues from overseas chose to only caricature the Star, Benedict Cumberbatch. Martin freeman, who plays Watson, i found, is nigh impossible to caricature.

so, you can obviously see which of these was rather spontaneous and quick and which was labored over continuously just from my linework. i think i got something that is passable at least, but i'll have to do something more convincing on the final if i want him to hold up against the other caricature.

let me know what you think.


Patricia said...

I think you're wrong. Your Watson is great. Good luck on your goals of breaking into illustration.
Pat Flannagan

em... said...

The Cumberbatch is great! Every caricature of him I've seen is quite different, but all have still retained a good likeness. I think he's got one of those faces that lends itself to many varied interpretations.

Your take on Martin Freeman isn't as bad as you think - it's umistakeably him. I've been tempted to try Martin Freeman a couple of times, but never actually got round to it, as I couldn't figure where to start.

Will Appledorn said...

Thanks pat

and em, i think you're right. it was hard to know where to start. there are many competing aspects of his likeness that pull for attention. thanks for the comment