Friday, January 13, 2012

A Trip to Mars

While The new Film 'John Carter' looks kinda Meh, I have been enjoying the hell out of the original books the movie's based on. They're pretty simple reads but are packed with some great Adventure.

I've been interested in the stories ever since I read 'League of Extraordinary Gentlemen', Where John Carter makes a couple appearances in the first two books. Since the Trailer Premiered for the new feature film from Disney, you could say my interest was definitely Piqued.

Fortunately the first few books in the Barsoom Series are Freebies through amazon's Kindle app, and since i recently acquired a smartphone I took the opportunity to read them, an'd I'm certainly Glad i did.   I Recently Finished 'A Princess of Mars' and I'm just getting into 'The Gods of Mars'. Really exciting setting, generic but Fun characters, and as i said, Tons of adventure.

As per usual, my interest in this particular bit of fiction has inspired some Illustration.While I am no Frank Frazetta, I hope i've Been able to Capture a little of what i find so fascinating about this series.

Here are some WIPs of what I'm working on, just the main figures for now. I'm Trying to get some full blown illustrations under my belt with backgrounds and everything, so this is a long process for me to get it right.



So, very Beautiful!!..


Will Appledorn said...

Thanks, Man!

glad you like it so far.