Monday, October 29, 2012

When in doubt, add a s**t-load of textures.

Here's my tentative final for my latest illustration project. My valiant attempt at a Art Nouveau look. I poured over pages and pages of Alphonse Mucha's Illustrations trying to absorb as much as i could. I think it ended well. However, there are certain goals i didn't quite achive, and that i'd like to attempt again. for now this will do. let me know what you think.


Rob Benigno said...

looks great. Love the improvements from the last version. The bird looks especially nice. One thing I like about mucha's work is his areas of really flat color and subtle gradients. Maybe include some more of that kind of stuff if you'd like to pursue the style, or not haha. Either way I dig it!

Annamarie Madaczky said...

I love it! The only thing that I'm left wishing is that either her hair or the birds feathers would turn into wild wisps that threaten to 'take over' the composition.


looks pretty awesome mate... Kinda sad to see some of the additional details your earlier versions leave but I dig it... Nice palette too.


Will Appledorn said...

thanks for the comments everyone!

Rob, definitely. some of his paintings have this really subtle color shift over the whole image. i really wanted to try to achieve that with some spot illustrations i might to as a companion piece.

Annmarie, I think you're right. i didn't want to be totally obvious and go full macaroni hair, but i think those areas around the figure could use something.

Pedro, I am too kinda. I was disappointed that i couldn't get the vine behind her to work, as it was a reference to the book. I really do want to try this again though. so i think this was a good first try. Thanks