Monday, October 27, 2008

British Gangster flicks

While my knowledge of such films is pretty much limited to Guy Ritchie films i can honestly say that i would watch any movie in this category. For me i really don't know what the attraction is. These are stories about a world that is completely foreign to me, even more so than that of American gangster movies. Perhaps this is part of the attraction to me. Or maybe i think it's entertaining to listen to those silly British accents, whatever it is, I'll probably keep watching them.

Anyways, here's two recent caricatures of actors in two of my favorite movies from this genre,also from two different generations. The first one is a quick sketch of Michael Caine as the title character in "Get Carter" a great blood bath of a movie from 1971. The second is a painting i've been struggling with for a while, it's Brad Pitt as Mickey from "Snatch", one of my favorite movies. hope you dig em'.


Manoj Sinha said...

I like the bottem one most. Nice expression, very nice coloring.

Craig Zablo said...

They're both nice. I especially like the simplicity of the Jack Carter piece.

Joe Bluhm said...

Your work is looking really slick. I'm digging your experimentation- it's important, and awesome that you are pushing it!

Great work.

William Appledorn said...

Manoj,Craig, thanks guys, glad you like them

joe, thanks for commenting. it's nice to hear from artists i admire. and i'm glad you mentioned the experimentation, i really try to keep that going in my art.