Monday, November 17, 2008

Off the wall

where did i come up with the idea to color this? Who knows, who cares. i just wanted to do something utterly different from what i'm used to and i think i accomplished that. whether this is successful is really up to those who know more about art than i do, if there is more to get from this other than it's weirdness i don't know.

in an attempt not to fall into a stylistic rut, i'm experimenting with the boundaries of what i can do as a caricaturist. looking back, occasionally i have stepped into that realm, but never really explored it. i don't like to fall back on safe caricatrues, i want to push it as far as the medium allows it, in this case, digital, the limits are still far off.

i am pretty keen on the arrow for hair idea, gives the sense of direction that i like to play with in caricatures in the most direct way.

alright that's it for my insightful babble, i think my philosophy class is wearing off on me.

oh, and if you couldn't figure it out, this is another self caricature from the same reference as my last post.