Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Self portrait

EDIT: Added color version

i've been kinda stumped on who i want to caricature lately, so i decided to paint a new self caricature, which i haven't done in a while.

While i am always trying to do something new with my caricatures, i also like to take a step back and really focus on the painting technique, or lighting, or other technical aspects were i feel i'm lacking. Here's the first in a series of self portraits that i plan to do, all in different styles, and different ways of caricaturing.

this is a more traditional attempt, and the exaggeration isn't really taken to the extreme, but i feel it's one of my better digital paintings to date. i might work to refine it a bit, but it's mostly done right now.


Tooninator said...

that's incredible, dude. Seriously. The chin is my favourite.

Maritze said...

Fantastic painting William!

BTW, I've put a link your blog over on my blob.

William Appledorn said...

thanks guys, really appreciate the support!

thanks for the link Maritze, i will certainly reciprocate, as your art is a great inspiration to view.

Anonymous said...

When your doing a digital painting like this and you do a grey scale painting first to work out the lights and darks etc. do you just paint your color over that or how does that work? thanks.

William Appledorn said...

Anon.- this is a photoshop painting, when i finish the greyscale i add a layer set to "color" and add some basic tones. then i add another layer, set on normal, and just touch it up, maybe brighten up the highlights, or add some variety to the color.

She-Thing said...

Oh my... dog!!! i haven't seen it in colour. Bárbaro, Will.

Dan said...

This is incredible man. Very Seiler'esque. The lighting and detail on this is incredible.
Great job!

ramanjit said...

great job!!!!!!