Monday, March 29, 2010

The Temper Trap

So, Saturday night i went to the house of blues with my sister and her new boyfriend to see these guys. It was a great concert! I'm really digging this band at the moment and it was really cool to get see them live.

I know this is a little off topic from the usual posts here, but i like to share this kind of stuff. Music really inspires my art, and i always have something playing while i draw. there are so many cool new bands out there that i'm hooked on right now, but The Temper Trap are definitely at the top of the pile.

Check em' out


Espen said...

I can relate to that. I'm constantly listening to music while drawing!
Besides, I guess most of the people with talent in drawing also knows how to play a guitar or another instrument. I know how to.

Don't blame you for being "off topic" here, Will. It's your blog, and it's funny to read more about you as a person and your experiences. (As long as you don't start with trend blogs or fashion or anything like that, haha!)

Curtis said...

that's awsome. i've been listening to these guys since i saw "500 Days of Summer". It's kind of funny how many arists I've been following share my taste in music. i know joe bluhm is a big fan of the white stripes and queens of the stones age.

Will Appledorn said...

Thanks for the comments guys.

espen- that's interesting, i play the guitar too. and don't worry, i won't be talking about fashion any time soon.

curtis- funny you mention Joe Bluhm, he's mentioned his music a few time on his blog, pretty much all bands i like too.