Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Pacific Sketches

Had the idea in my head, and just had to get these down. the three main characters of HBO's newest miniseries 'The Pacific". I'm quite happy with all of them actually, and I'll probably make a finished piece out of this by the end of the weekend.


ian said...

very cool Will, I haven't seen any of the series yet but know I'll be a big fan. Great sketches!

pablo pablo said...

very nice!

Espen said...

Nice one, Will! That's the exact three people I've been longing to sketch along as I watch the show. Especially Badger (Leckie, on the right).

Damion009 said...

lol! I love them!

Will Appledorn said...

ian- it's a great show, much different that band of brothers, but really interesting.

pablo-Thank you!

espen- yeah, he's got a pretty goofy face for caricature, not quite as easy to stretch as the jurrasic park kid tho.

damion- Thanks! glad you like em