Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Kikuchiyo Final

very much in response to the concerns i expressed in my last post, i was a little more stylistic in my approach to rendering this piece. let me know what you think.


cabap said...

great job William,
jan :)

Marc McCabe said...

I was going to leave a comment in the last post but after reading it all, I kinda got the sense I couldnt tell you something you didnt know. But dude, I really love what youve done here, I hold this stuff high above that over rendered crap. I mean this just looks straight out of those funky anatomy books like force or something haha. Do what ever you like to do and the more you practice that the more people will like it :P
Anyway youve got solid caricatures and im no expert but does it really matter how its rendered. I remember you did my caricture on drawing board and I bust my hole laughing and that was just a line drawing, nuff said haha.

But yeah I think you said something about not being able to take your renders further, for that I think the only way is to push them as far as they can go and make hideous mistakes. And you know just come at it from every conceivable angle. ok now nuff said.

R.Kamal said...

hello BM, i always like the paintings which shows the brush strokes & patches of colors.

over detailed, fine rendered caricatures may look cool...but they lack something artistic, and they doesn't say anything about the person who painted it.

i like your works. and i think, this one has turned out quite nice.

Will Appledorn said...

sorry to not respond to you're comments guys, i do appreciate them

jan- thanks, as always.

marc- thanks man. you're certainly right, from a caricature stand point it really doesn't matter how they're drawn.

r kamal- Thanks! i agree that the looser paintings just have more life and personality to them, i think it's just a matter of capturing that loose look without it just being unfinished.

thanks again for the input guys.