Saturday, May 29, 2010

Mark webber

Quick one of this weekend's pole sitter for the F1 Turkish Grand Prix, Mark Webber.

Decided to experiment a little more with using contour lines, a little more of a challenge in color. i also created the pallet from scratch, as i rarely do nowadays. i think next time i'll be a little more daring with my use of color.


Tony Mac said...

Awesome !

tallwill said...

That's a great stretch Will and the background really helps the overall impact.

Paul Moyse said...

Great exaggeration Will, nice work!

She-Thing said...

Ooooh Liking the technique you used on Mark and Kukichiyo... Fanta perspective too!

Derek Edwards said...

Man, I'm loving your color choices. Great stuff.

Will Appledorn said...

Thanks Everyone!

tony, Paul- i appreciate it.

tallwill- glad you say that, it was more an afterthought than anything, but i like it too.

shething- thanks, i'm going to try to develop that style further. we'll see.

derek-thanks, i tried squeezing in a few random colors into the skin tones to liven it up a bit. glad to hear i didnt just ruin it.