Thursday, March 17, 2011

Anne Hathaway Sucks.

well... as a caricature subject, that is.
When i saw she was the latest e-caricatures contest subject, i figured she'd be fun to draw. At a glance she seems to have an easy face to caricature. Indeed, for some that may be true. However, her visage has become the bane of my existence for the last week. it's a riddle i feel almost incapable of solving, a nut i can't seem to crack. this project was even making me think i had lost my touch. It became a blancing act, as usual i guess, trying to fit her oversize features into a small head, and every time a stretched it just a little, i lost the likeness totally. i couldn't get a break. tonight i may have stumbled onto something i can shape into a final piece.

ok. done bitching, here's some art. brace yourselves. here's a look into my torturous process.
started out just getting something down, anything... i refined this idea into the sketch in my earlier post.

then i took a closer look at structure and how the parts fit together, because when i didn't fit them together realistically it looked weird.

tried to exaggerate the brows to more of an extreme. fail.

how bout the smile. nope.

really, that was all just to make this last one look better. i decided to play with the features in a more 3d perspective, perhaps that would get me somewhere. i think it did. let me know what you think.


Jamie Linfoot said...

Sometimes when I draw and nothing works I feel like I'm on an island. And not a nice tropical island with voluptuous women and copious amounts of booze either. It's nice to know that I'm actually not alone on that island. Least not all the time.
Ok so, I can totally see Anna Hathaway in the one you've labelled Julia Roberts. It's a little off structure wise but its there. That last one that you coloured, I can see her in there as well but I think that you've wound up more with Rachel Weisz.At least that's the impression I get. Seriously, I can see her in at least three of these pieces. Keep at it. Think of the memories this will make.

Sagan Lacy said...

The smily one is definitely closest. Would have gotten her off of that one.


Good looking stuff... You've done some great research on this one...


Will Appledorn said...

thanks for the input guys.

jaime- it's funny, usually the women and booze are just on the other side of the island.

interesting you mention weisz, i know what you're seeing and have corrected it. thanks.

sagan-hmm, i might finish that one as well before the end of the month. here's hoping.

pedro- ha, yeah. it's really impressive until the magician shows you the trick

Marc McCabe said...

haha took me ages to figure out who the last one looked like and sure someones already pointed it out! haha, its a good one of Weisz though :D

Espen said...

I see Hathaway in lots of these, Will. I didn't even think of Roberts before you mentioned it, but you got Hathaway's puppy eyes right.
The last one doesn't give me a 100% Hathaway experience (but never even heard about this Weisz though), maybe because she isn't smiling and maybe because the light source gives more of a creepy, dramatic and too serious feeling that most people doesn't associate with Hathaway.

But I've got to say, I'm impressed about the research! Keep up the good work as always!

Will Appledorn said...

Marc, Espen, thanks guys!

ha, now i can only see Weisz in that wip. weird.