Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Damn Video Games

Right now, I'm hooked on Shogun 2. spent all afternoon conquering 16th century Japan.

Before that it was Mass Effect 2, before that it was Assassin's creed 2, F1 2010, Black ops, the list goes on and on...

too many good games not enough time for art.


Espen said...

I recognise that one! What console do you use? PS3. Xbox 360, PC...?

Will Appledorn said...

PC all the way.

i got stuck on the Nintendo bandwagon when all the nextgen consoles came out, so i play all my 'real' games on PC.

Espen said...

Hehe, I see. I use the Xbox 360, my computer is way too old to play the games of today. I'm still playing F1 2010 online, but I think it's kind of boring, waiting for many minutes of loading screens and whatnot in order to get started with the race.

Because school and work takes a lot of time and I don't want my Xbox to distract me, I've just gently parked it up at my friend's house on the other side of town ;P