Monday, July 25, 2011

Holy S**t, a new post

something quick, A Caricature of Singer Florence Welch. More new stuff to come...hopefully.


Espen said...

My god, that's beautiful! I've tried to draw her before, but only failing.
Once again I can say 'Why didn't I think of THAT?' about one of your drawings, Will! Good work!

Will Appledorn said...

Alright, somebody's still following!

thanks espen, she's an odd bird. in some photos she looks beautiful and in others she looks like a haggard 40 something. not exactly easy to nail that down in one drawing.

either way, i can't stop listening to her music, i hope to do a more polished caricature of her soon.

Espen said...

Of course I'm still following!

Haha, you're absolutely right. I do absolutely love her music too, and adore her, but you're right - she looks almost more like a man at some photos. Sorry, Florence and fans of her!