Saturday, July 30, 2011

Nose to the grindstone

Alright, here's another new sketch, Comedian Louis CK. His comedy is a bit of an acquired taste. I first heard of him from Opie and Anthony, on who's show he was a regular guest until he got uber famous. I think he's brilliant, and his show, for lack of a better word, shows that off really well. I just watched the latest episode and the opening sequence had me crying from laughing so hard! anyways, if you haven't checked is show or his standup out, i encourage you to take a look.

oh yeah, and here's the sketch. painting coming soon (i hope)


She-Thing said...

Yes!! He's back! I¡ll check out this guy, it's been a looong time ever since I cried laughing watching TV (anything coming out from a screen, really). I also took an eye on Bored to death some time after you posted the trio's great caricatures, and it was fab--- now I want to do caricatures of them!
Yep, hope to see this painted soon-hands are coming out nicely. Saludos!

She-Thing said...

P.D. I just discovered Flo-- Rabbit heart + COsmic love are simply addictive!! Thanks again XD

Will Appledorn said...

ha, now i feel like i have to keep up this streak of good entertainment for you to discover.

thanks for checking in.