Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sebastian Vettel

Still trying to really get a grasp on how to choose the proper colors for portraits. it's a subtle thing, you can't get too saturated or it looks too cartoony, and you cant gray it out too much or else they end up looking like the undead.

this and my hamilton painting are my first attempts at starting a caricature, in terms of my color palette, from scratch. i feel like i'm getting the hang of it.


Neil Davies said...

Great caricature! Love to see more F1 drivers :)

Toby_K said...
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Marc McCabe said...

awesome! I like the purple lighting from the side. I think the hair not having any purple light hitting it makes it a bit weird though. Or maybe its the black locks hes got, I think they just pull too much focus away

Will Appledorn said...

thanks for the comments guys.

Neil- oh, there will be more. i haven't even gotten to the real goofy faces. hopefully i'll get caught up on some during their summer break.

toby- Thanks, man. for some reason these people like looking at my art? ;)

marc- thanks for the critique, you're right about the hair. i was too concerned with making the hue stand out from the skin color, that i didn't think how it'd affect the harmony.