Monday, August 2, 2010

That's Right...another one

That's more like it. i wasn't happy with my previous attempts at all when i had them done, they just weren't what i had in mind when we started this project. I wanted to do something unflattering, unsettling, even bordering on the grotesque. however, even with a ref where my face was so contorted it ended up being rather, i don't know, too nice.

I scoured my reference photos once more for a photo that suited what i had in mind. i came across one that had a rather unique angle and some really jarring color juxtapositions due to whatever the lighting conditions where and my crappy camera. I also cropped it close, just to emphasize the uncomfortable feel of it. i ended up with this, with which I'm much more pleased.

let me know what you think.


Paul Moyse said...

Good job Will, I like the colours!

galvinator said...

each painting you post takes a giant leap from the last, great seeing the talent progression... outstanding work

Tooninator said...

this is successful. Very much so.

The colour choice is what really sells it. Greens in the skin tones are fantastic. Very well done.

seanmaximus said...

ur choice of subject is weird in a nice way:)lol!!! color render's great:)

duanetheartist said...

Excellent work! What is the medium? Kind of looks like watercolor, but I could not be sure.

Will Appledorn said...

Thanks everyone!

the color and angle were all chosen to give it that awkward, sick, weird look. i think the angle and the green really worked well towards achieving that.

duane, to answer you, it's actually soft chalk pastels.

thanks again guys.