Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Ville Valo

Ville Valo, front man of Finnish rock band HIM. Quick sketch out o' the sketchbook that i fixed up all nice in photoshop.


ian said...

awesome sketch Will, with I could see it bigger!

Poussinaute said...

So great ! Congrats.

Espen said...

I haven't seen this guy before, but I'm sure the likeness is great. I very much like how the rest of his body seems to just pour away under him. Very good fade out.

Fábio said...

Great artwork! Brilliant!

Will Appledorn said...

thanks for the comments guys!

ian, yeah, i actually saved the only copy at that size... oh well. i'll probably do another.

possinaute, fabio, thanks fellas!

espen, it does work pretty well here, i do that kind of thing a bunch cause i like portraits to be contained on the canvas, when they go off in just one spot it looks funny.