Sunday, February 20, 2011

Drummer project progress

You know when you get to a certain point in a project and you realize that you totally underestimated the amount of work said project actually involved, i think I've gotten to that point.

Doing a caricature of a famous person i've never heard of is never fun, especially when it's a chore to find proper reference, especially when you have to do 7 in a row.

this has been the biggest caricature project that i've undertaken ever. I've struggled through multiple likenesses, procrastinated my ass off and fiddled about with the composition endlessly. however, i think all these things can only improve my skills and make me not only a better caricaturist, but better artist.

i may be taking such an optimistic view of things because i'm also at a point where i can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I have it all set compositionaly, i have likenesses that I'm pleased with for all 7 guys and all i have to do now is finish it off.

so, here it is, hopefully i won't procrastinate any longer, and my dad can put it on his wall soon.


Anonymous said...

Bill - this is really looking good. I can't wait to hang it in my drum studio.



Marc McCabe said...

Ringos a no brainer, and I think I see Bonham. But the rest I have no clue lol! You know what you should do in the end to keep it realistic, put them all behind something so you can only see the tops of their heads. :D haha

Will Appledorn said...


that would be a pretty great gag.
Thanks Marc

gonezalez said...

its great! somehow you've ilustrated my biggest influences as a drummer, i would like to use it as my cover page in fb if you dont mind haha