Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Me me me...

been in a bit of an artistic rut for a while, trying to break out of it, just a quick self portrait from today. i;m looking at it now and all i can think is, "i really need to measure more". my portraits are always a

i'll try to finish my emmy rossum caricature and at least start a new one (probably of Jeremy Brett) by the end of the week.



ian said...

Great job Will. Great to see you sticking with the oils.

Espen said...

Good job, Will! I kind of disagree with you when you say you need to measure more. In my opinion, the best portraits are the caricature ones. Sure, it's astonishing to see people manage to make drawings look just like the photography, but that frankly gets boring in the length. Caricatures or more playful approaches to portraits are entertainment in comparison!

...but you may have meant measuring the caricature, or what? (in that case - I disagree there too! :P)

Will Appledorn said...

Thanks for the comments guys.

Espen- i appreciate the input. while i agree that slightly caricatured portraits turn out the best, those exaggerations have to be purposeful. sometimes i misjudge proportions and it leaves the portrait feeling a little wonky, sometimes even on a subliminal level. in this instance i think i may have made my head a bit too tall, not because i see it that way, but because i misjudged the sizes and didn't double check.

but i suppose that's just one of the problems with alla prima painting, you have less time to reevaluate your decisions and have to be more careful.

anyway, thanks again.