Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Game of Thrones is Back!

So, finally getting around to posting about Episode 1 of the second season, which aired last night. In all honesty, overall, the episode was pretty underwhelming. But i can accept the pace as the show simply getting back into the swing of things.

There are going to be a lot of new characters this season, and i think the producers are trying to pace us. We got to meet Stannis and some of  his entourage this week, most importantly the red Priestess Meslisandre. Also on display was some of the grim architecture of Dragonstone, which looks as creepy as it sounded in the books. We also got to meet Craster and his wives/daughters. that's right, his wives/daughters...eew.

Other than that, there was just a lot of talking this week. Some verbal sparring between Robb and Jamie, between Cercei and Littlefinger, just extra scenes that kinda fell flat for me. Although i did quite enjoy the Tyrion scenes, Dinklage plays him so well he could be in every scene. Oh, we can't forget Joffery getting bitch-slapped again, that never gets old.

The Climax of the episode was the Hunting down of all Roberts bastards. I don't remember if this was explicitly described in the book, as it involved no pov characters directly. This was pretty brutal, and makes you hate Janos Slynt even more, as if we needed a reason. It sets up nicely the inevitable confrontation between the goldcloaks and Yoren and the recruits. Speaking of, i hope we get to meet jaquen h'gar next week. Valar Morghulis

So, This weeks episode was great because it marks the beginning of a new season. We got to see new places and meet new characters and they were all great additions. However, for me it got bogged down in a few places with unnecessary, slow conversation scenes. They're having to juggle a lot of locations and story lines and putting in extra scenes just cuts out stuff from the book i want to see.

I give this week four out of seven stars.

Anyway, hoping to have a new review and Illustration or two to go along with it every week. Stay tuned

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