Monday, April 30, 2012

Episode 5 Review

So. This week's episode "The Ghost of Harrenhal", started off with a bang. Right out of the gate we get to see what that shadow baby was all about. For me it was pretty tense scene, just because i knew what would happen. The most surprising thing about this episode, is that by the end, i really wasn't thinking about the big events of the opening. That, I think is telling of how well this episode worked. Oh, and i feel that i should mention, the chick that plays Brienne is Huge. I don't know how they found such a gigantic blonde.

There have been a few really good scenes so far this season. This Episode was packed with them.Not suprisingly, the majority of them involved good ol' Tyrion. His manipulation of Lancel continues to be quite amusing. The rivalry between Tyrion and his sister is fantastic, you can really tell that Cersei just hates him. However, you can't beat Tyrion and Bronn on screen at the same time.

A number of the chunks of the episode were split between Jon and Arya. Jon's scenes were cool because they apparently shot on location in Greenland or somewhere, so the actors really are freezing their balls off. However, this means there's no forest, no biggie, but also the "fist of the first men" isn't a huge, steep hill, but a giant rocky plateau. Just one of those things that is changed from the book and totally contradicts what you had in your head. story-wise, i doubt it will matter. Arya meets up again with Jaqen H'gar, who lets her know she owes the red god 3 deaths, the first of which she totally wastes. Also, she had a really great non-canon scene with lord Tywin, where she utters this seasons catch phrase "anyone can die". This once again reinforces the fact that they really cast some fantastic child actors on this show. So, Props to Maisie Williams for a great job this week.

This Week we also see what Dany's up to in Qarth, where apparently people just hang around in a courtyard all day long. We are introduced to Pyat Pree and Quaith this week, both really well portrayed and sufficiently creepy. Xaro makes his motivations clear to Dany as well. Jorah isnt so happy about the idea, and this leads to another of best scenes of the episode, where Jorah explains his motivations for following Dany, subsequently Dany and Jorah's relationship gets a lot more complicated.

I suppose i can't forget to mention Theon. He takes his first step into being hated again.  He gets thoroughly humiliated by his new crew and terribly ugly sister, and i feel, lets his frustrations override his better judgement and listens to the terrible plan proposed by his first-mate. In the mean-time, Bran happens to have a dream about the sea coming to Winterfell, and recites it in a totally eerie, foreshadowing kinda way. (oh, and i'm totally bummed about jojen not being the one who has that dream)

Another 6 out of 6 stars for this weeks episode.

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