Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Episode 7 Review

Sorry, once again I'm a little late this week.

This week's episode is called "A man without honor", a direct quote from Catlyn Stark, when she confronts Jamie Lannister. This episode, more than any other this season, really stuck to that theme. It's an intriguing theme because there are so many characters in this story with different ideas about honor. Jamie knows it's just a sham, Jon is still desperately clinging to the principles Ned taught him, and some characters like Theon are just totally confused.

It finally feels like Things are kicking into high gear this season. Even so, there's still plenty of time for chatting apparently. I didn't mind the conversational scenes as much this episode because they were so good. The couple of scenes with Jon and Ygritte are perfect, and pretty hilarious as well. While it's odd that Lord Tywin would get so friendly with his cup-bearer, the exposition scene between him and Arya was, again, brilliant. We get another little bit with Sansa and the hound again, his ideas about honor clashing with hers makes for an interesting relationship, I'm glad they carried that over from the books. However, the short scene between Tyrion and Cersei takes the cake this week. They've been at eachother's throats their whole lives and to see such a human moment between the characters is as awkward for us as it is for them.This was played perfectly by Dinklage and Headey.

There were a couple changes from the books this week. One minor and another quite significant.
The small change was how Karstark's son Torrhen came to die. I always thought it weird that in the books he hated Jamie for killing his sons on the battlefield, what did he expect him to do. They changed it so Jamie kills his son in attempt to escape. This, to me, makes a lot more sense, and justifies Karstark's rage. The other change came in Dany's storyline. As was pretty obvious, Pyat Pree and the warlocks stole the dragons. However, i have no idea why he's invited her to get them back. Hopefully the details of the plan make more sense by the end of the season.

Oh yeah, and there's the last scene, yet another big WTF for non book readers.Theon's Expression at the end is sooo perfect, and rather chilling. It's interesting that they've sort of made Dagmar Cleft-jaw the instigator of all Theon's follies. It makes Theon look even more pathetic and confused. At least in the book the really bad ideas were his, and you could hate him for it. That's what makes his punishment easier to take. In My opinion he's a little to sympathetic.

A very good episode. 7 out of 7 stars for "A man Without Honor"

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