Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Episode 6 Review

Sorry for posting this one so late! Been very busy this weekend.

Anyway, Just got done with Episode 6. We've passed the halfway point and things should be kicking into high gear. Things are certainly getting Serious in Winterfell, King's landing and Qarth. These are the main focuses of the episode, with some stops off at Harrenhall and Robb's camp.

So, we start off With Theon taking Winterfell. Once again, you really feel awful for Theon one moment, and despise him the next. He is the most complex character in the story at the moment, i feel, and the most fun to watch. During this sequence A character that doesn't die till later in the books is beheaded, but in this instance it works to the advantage of the story. How he dies doesn't have much impact.  Oh, and i never thought I'd get to see Tonks from Harry Potter naked, i can cross that off my list. I'm curious how they'll handle what's to come with this storyline, whether they'll let the audience in on the secret or not.

We follow Jon as he Starts his trek with the Half-hand, and all of a sudden they're ambushing some wildlings. So, obviously we meet Ygritte this week. Personally, i think she's great so far, though not quite as fierce or dangerous as i imagined. Again, these scenes are great just cause they're on location and every shot is gorgeous.My only gripe is that it seems like the wildlings have some sort of uniform, like the nights watch. In my mind, they should all be wearing mismatched furs and really ratty looking clothes, they kinda looked like eskimos in this episode.

Things are starting to get real nasty in Kings landing. On the way back to the keep from Sending Myrcella away, a food riot breaks out around the King's Procession. Joffrey not only gets slapped this episode, but also gets shit in the face, so that's pretty great. It's also really great to see the Sansa/Hound relationship made it in to the show.

One major change from the books was made this week, the Dragons are kidnapped. I Guess it's supposed to keep things interesting but it just feels unnecessary to me.  Oh, and two more Book veterans that are still going strong in ADWD got killed in the process. we'll see what happens.

Elsewhere, Arya continues to impress Tywin, i feel to a dangerous degree, and finds a second life for the red god. We also get to see more of Robb this week, once again chatting up the Mysterious Volantis Girl, who may or may not be Jayne Westerling, not that it really matters, and we get a little more face time with Lord bolton, and hear about his bastard for the first time, i think.  However, his introduction doesn't come with the same foreboding expositon as the book, so we'll see how they sneak that in too.

this week's episode gets 5 out of 7 stars.

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