Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Episode 8 Review

This past Sunday's Episode was really just filler to get to the next episode, "Blackwater". The episode was titled " Prince of Winterfell", oddly i feel, because it barely focused on Theon at all. We got one scene where his sister scolds him and calls him a stupid cunt, but not much else. 

For the most part, this episode focused on the preparations in Kings Landing for the impending seige. There were some great scenes here, of course all featuring Tyrion. Him with  Bronn, Varys,  and Cersei. I particularly enjoyed the scene with Cersei because she thinks she's got Tyrion Right were she wants him, but she's so bad at playing the game she doesn't realize she has made a giant mistake. This is My favorite part of her character, she plays at having power, and might even have it, but she's too stupid to exercise it properly. No Wonder Joffrey's a little shit and a terrible king.

We also move slightly ahead, way up north. Jon Finds out that the halfhand was captured too, and because of his selfish mistake, two brothers are dead. We also see hints of halfhand's plan coming to the surface as the wildlings march them to Mance rayder. Oh, and we got to meet the lord of bones aka, rattleshirt. He was a lot cooler looking than i expected. However, i'm still not keen on the look of the wildings. Their attire is way too uniform. they don't look wild to me. Let us not forget that Sam and Grenn find a cloak full of obsidian spear heads  back at the fist... wonder what those are for?

Other minor events include the start of Jamie and Brienne's road Trip, and Arya's (first) escape from harrenhal. Jamie and Brienne going at each other will always be entertaining, and there was some great stuff between Arya and J'aqen. 

My Main gripe this week comes from yet another inconstancy with the books. In ACoK, Robb and Cat make their respective blunders due to the news that has arrived from winterfell and their subsequent grief. They chose to change the story, so no ravens fly from Winterfell. Therefore Robb's infidelity and Cat's decision to release jamie become cheapened. They become less excusable. My problem with changes like these, not only do they not improve the narrative, they lessen it. 

Oh and dany's still sitting around Qarth waiting for someone to take her to the house of the undying. at this point i was shouting at my monitor for her to "Do something!". oddly i never had this issue when i read the book, as many did.

so, here's hoping "Blackwater" will be worth this meh episode. 4 out of 7 stars.

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