Sunday, September 16, 2012

2 1/2 Months, and all you get is a Doodle.

Well I'm sure it seemed like this blog was dead for most of the summer. This might be the biggest break that Ive taken from posting since i started this blog. I have been very busy lately. A little update, this summer I left Tri-c, after once again not being able to get the classes i needed to finish my associates degree. So Due to the INCREDIBLE generosity of my Father, plus a much appreciated scholarship, i enrolled at the Cleveland Institute of art, and will be there until the spring of 2014. Almost 7 years of college and just a Bachelors degree isn't the best way to do it, but I'm finally on the way out.

 So, three weeks into real art school and I'm feeling pretty good. I have some genuinely challenging courses this semester that have kept me on my toes. I'm also surrounded by a number of equally, if not more, talented and skilled illustrators and that is invaluable to help me improve. Not to mention they've all been really nice, open and friendly. I do find it amusing that even third year art students get all nervous and shy for critiques. I have, for some time now, really enjoyed critiques and found them very useful, if done right. So far, my instructors have provided great feedback. I love that my studio instructor has a very frank, no bullshit attitude.

 As you can imagine, i have a few projects in the works as we speak. I will start posting new stuff as soon as possible. I foresee a lot of work in progress stuff, as some of these projects seem to drag on a bit. However, one of my classes, 'Human forms: heads hands and feet' requires constant sketching, so expect plenty of hands, feet and portrait sketches. I will probably have some up tomorrow.

 Also, i have a few personal projects brewing that i want to take my time on, so you'll see bits of those soon too.

Anyway, i don't want to post without some art, so here is a quick doodle of Steve Buschemi as he appears as 'Nucky Thompson' in 'Boardwak Empire' on HBO.   Stay Tuned!!


Espen said...

Woah, that's very good to hear! I was fearing that you had put art aside and just become lazy. Thank god the news is just the opposite!

I'm sure you'll do perfectly fine in your class and will learn a lot at the same time. Looking forward to see your work from school!

Will Appledorn said...

Haha.Thanks Espen i've always been lazy, just good at hiding it.

glad to see someone's still paying attention to this blog