Thursday, September 20, 2012

Personal project

 Something i've been working on in my spare time lately. Obviously Mucha inspired, wanted to experiment with a style that was out of my comfort zone,  and art Nouveau is waaaay out of my comfort zone. The image is based on the Polish short story 'A Shard of Ice' part of a larger collection, 'The sword of Destiny' by Andrzej Sapkowski.

let me know what you think. I'll be cleaning this up and adding color shortly.


She-Thing said...

YES He's... back!!!
Can't wait to see your take on Mucha colour...

Will Appledorn said...

ha, yes, hopefully for good.

i too am anxious to see what i come up with for colors. i'm a bit stumped at the mo'

She-Thing said...

Stumped? Naaa

But-I'd say, as weird as it may sound, that for some inspi examples look at glass... if you have bottles around your house even better... the impressions that cause you, what kind of mood you'd translate it to paper by just looking at it... you are incred lucky of handling paints very well... try using them while you look at glass ;) + don't worry, I have anxiety attacks too... it feels as if I have to know everything for tonight, otherwise I'm wasting my life :S although they're not doing me any good to my, er, em, soul. :/



The Nouveau palette is something I've forever been in love with... The whole movement is something I've loved since I was a boy... Art made to be ornate Graceful women drawn graphically and beautifully.. Not to mention the compositions that draw the eye in with thick bold lines and winding curves..

I dunno if your familiar with his work but you might wanna look at Jason Meek's blog (Ockham's Razor) for the finished line feel of Nouveau, I fancy his work.

As for the color I remember years back seeing a wonderful book of palettes (kinda wishing I'd bough the thing now.) based on works of A. Mucha... Love the image though man... I'm a big fanboy of his work.. and your work too. I'd suggest you even work from an existing palette and tweak it..


Will Appledorn said...

thanks for the tips, Folks!

That's very good advice she-thing, it does indeed feel like i need to know everything right now. interesting technique advice.

Pedro, Checked out Jason's Work, very nice, thanks. it's interesting Art nuveau and comic book style share some common ground. i think that's very much where Adam Hughes' work comes in, and i see some of that in Jason's stuff.

I think the reason that i'm unsure about the palette on this one is that it doesn't really fit the colors of Mucha's work. She has jet black hair, dresses in black and white, and the story is rather bleak. I'll think of something. I'll probably use the colors of the ornamentation i have put in already; the lilacs in the corners and the gooseberry vine around her.

Stay tuned!