Monday, September 17, 2012

Hands On (get it!)

Here are some of the in-class sketches and daily drawings from my 'Human Forms' class. The subtitle of the class is; heads, hands and feet. as you can guess the curriculum focuses on those 'forms'. It's officially a bio-med class so we will be getting REALLY in depth. It's funny, everyone else has a mechanical pencil and a li'l setchbook, and i break out a huge 18x24 pad and conte crayons to draw in class. i guess that's the difference between a bio-med illustrator and a regular illustrator.

 Anyway, We started off the class with hands, the bane of any beginner illustrator. I must say, drawing them everyday certainly has helped. Understanding the structure and mechanics also allows me to more easily invent a pose in an illustration. so, once again, here are some of the sketches from the first few classes.

 More formal assignments to come!



Welcome back Will!


Will Appledorn said...

Thanks Pedro! its good to be able to post again.